ARMED Camp for Boys

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Camp Schedule
ARMED Intro with Dr.Keita Joy
4 mins
Parent Corner
ARMED - Parent Intro with Dr.Keita Joy
15 mins
About Dr.Keita Joy
The Reading Corner
Giavanni Reads "Black Boys: Our Hidden Treasure"
4 mins
About Educationally Speaking
Week 1: Stay Woke
ARMED - Week 1 (Stay Woke)
13 mins
About Dr. Rabiatu Barrie
Malcolm X vs. MLK Jr. PDF
84.6 KB
Books to Discuss Race & Ethnicity Resource
330 KB
Week 2: Only the Strong Survive
ARMED - Week 2 (Only The Strong Survive - Healthy Habits For Black Boys)
16 mins
About Dr.Candice Jones
Dr.Candice Jones Resource List
55.5 KB
Healthy Family Checklist
54 KB
Positive Self Talk Tree (Blank)
146 KB
Positive Self Talk Tree (Filled)
115 KB
Kindness & Inclusion Crossword (Answers)
182 KB
Kindness & Inclusion Crossword Puzzle
190 KB
Week 3: Know Your Rights
ARMED - Week 3 (Know Your Rights)
17 mins
About Camara Williams, Esq.
Encouragement List PDF.pdf
31.9 KB
Create Your Own Story Week 3 PDF.pdf
48 KB
Week 4: Before You Blow Up
About Pernell Bush, MSW, CNP
ARMED - Week 4 (Before You Blow Up [Anger Redirection])
13 mins
Anger Redirection.pdf
47.2 KB
Anger Redirection Resource List
Week 5: Law Enforcement
About Shannon Ligon Esq.
ARMED - Week 5 (Law Enforcement - Should I Be Scared)
21 mins
Week 6: Use your VOICE
About Elizabeth Goueti, ESQ.
ARMED - Week 6 (Use Your Voice).m4v
17 mins
8 Ways to Teach Your Children Conflict Resolution Skills.pdf
39.4 KB
Week 7: Power of ME
About Joey Ocean
Week 7: Power of Me
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Week 8: Confidence Fit for a King
About Joe Paul
Week 7: Confidence Fit for a King
Resources for building confident, Black children